Mark, our Baritone, and his wife Marcia enjoy an evening on the town in Vegas!

Ben, our Tenor, and his wife Sasha on the plane to Vegas!

Larry, our Lead, and his wife Robin after a wonderful breakfast in Vegas!

Scot, our Bass, and his wife Kelly having a night out in Vegas!

This picture was taken after we had just come off of the stage in Vegas! We had a GREAT time!

Zero Hour is proud of our performance at this year's Barbershop Harmony Society International Quartet and Chorus Contest. We qualified for the contest with a score of 76.2 and came out with a score of 77.4! Now those of you who are new to the world of Barbershop Quartet Contests this score placed us as the 41st best quartet in the world (over 1000 quartets tried to get to this contest). The world of Barbershop Quartet singing continues to grow in regards to excellent singing and performing and we are very excited to a part of this wonderful organization!

For more information on the contest, you can visit the Society's web site by clicking on the logo below.