My Girl

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Teddy Bear

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Zero Hour sings for Carolina Panther's Running Back Jonathan Stewart's mom at her birthday party. 

Zero Hour was very impressed with Ryan Kalil. He did a great job singing and even came up with the lyrics to replace the lyrics to Happy Trails! Many people have asked us for the ya go!

"Happy trails to you, my aging, departing friend.

Happy trails to you, I can't believe it's the end.

No more cares about the spin or speed or bull-rush,

Just try and not get fat while in retirement.

Happy trails to you, you'll be missed on 3rd and 10.

You'll be missed on 3rd and 10!"

Here are Ben, Larry, Ryan Kalil, Scott and Mark after practicing with Ryan for the press conference of the announcement of the retirement of Ryan's fellow teammate Jordan Gross...

Here are Ben, Scot, Jordan Gross and Mark...

Check out 3/4's of Zero Hour as they sing with Carolina Panther's Ryan Kalil at the retirement announcement of his teammate Jordan Gross!

Ben, Mark and Scott did a great job! Larry will forever be missed!

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